For the first time since 1934, prayers were held in the Hagia Sophia (Greek for “holy wisdom”) on Friday. Originally,
On Wednesday, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani received the new US Consul General in Erbil, Rob Waller, who took
An internal White House report about states in the so-called “red zone” for COVID-19 includes Oklahoma and recommends mandating masks
In a historic U.S. Supreme Court decision, justices ruled Thursday that much of eastern Oklahoma has been, contrary to the
In 1958, at the age of seven, I walked into Katz Drug Store and sat down at the lunch counter
The United States now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country in the world with more than 83,500,
Discovery of a Northern California coronavirus patient believed to be the first U.S. case from an unknown, community-spread source is an alarming
The Iraqi president said it was "unacceptable and considered as an aggressive action and violation of Iraqi sovereignty." Iran condemned
The US has conducted air strikes in Iraq and Syria against an Iran-backed Iraqi militia blamed for an attack that