A high-ranking official from Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon has been arrested for alleged corruption, just a day after the football
Not for 25 years have so many students in Portugal applied for a place in university. The number of applications
Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2013 reveals that political parties, Parliament, the judiciary and the military are the most corrupt institutions in Portugal. Transparency International's 2017
Northern Portugal plagued by heavy rainfall and floods Motorists "caught" by the force of the waters. The northern region of
Intellectuals such as Cornel West and Achille Mbembe call on Portugal to act after series of racist attacks. Just over
Paulo Gonçalves asked the observer for privileged information. Vieira's right-hand man, created private files of arbitration elements.
Nos novos e-mails revelados pelo Mercado de Benfica percebe-se que o clube encarnado gostava muito do Mário Figueiredo, ex-Presidente da
Portugal registers four more deaths related to Covid-19 and 192 new confirmed cases of infection in the last 24 hours,
The Apito Dourado (Golden Whistle) affair is a sports corruption scandal in Portuguese football that first arose in 2004. Portuguese Judiciary Police (Polícia Judiciária) investigators named
Accusation reveals request of SAD legal advisor incarnated to José Silva, through Óscar Cruz Paulo Gonçalves asked José Silva -