Rescuers trying to free a pod of whales stuck on sandbars off Tasmania have found more stranded animals, raising the
Temperature at Furnace Creek weather station - in Mojave Desert - soared as high as 54.4C (130F). One of the
The family of Raimundo Benedito, 35, has been harvesting brazil nuts on the banks of the Cedro river, close to
The energy minister has signalled a major pivot away from Chinese-funded coal plants in Bangladesh, but this is not yet
Some 30% of ship emissions come from domestic voyages, researchers find, urging governments to tackle the sector in national climate
The Indian government is doubling down on import taxes for solar modules from China, but domestic manufacturing is not ready
Twenty-five years of satellite observations have been used to reconstruct a detailed history of Antarctica's ice shelves. These ice platforms
Microbes which consume potent greenhouse gas had only proliferated in small numbers after five years, researchers say Antarctica is estimated to
An “unprecedented” hole in the ozone layer which developed to become the largest ever seen over the Arctic has closed just weeks after opening,
A record high temperature of 18.3C (64.9F) has been logged on the continent of Antarctica. The reading, taken on Thursday