China plays a key role: Its government, banks and companies lent some $143bn to Africa from 2000 to 2017. African
Move follows PM Abiy Ahmed ordering a military response to a deadly attack by Tigray’s ruling party on a federal
Footage posted on social media shows several hundred people demonstrating, in defiance of a curfew imposed hours earlier by authorities.
Lawsuit filed against President Lenin Moreno for alleged ‘crimes against humanity’ committed during deadly protests last year. Ecuador’s largest Indigenous
The Bank of Ghana sells US dollars to stabilise the cedi and closely monitors foreign-exchange trading. Ghana’s cedi has weakened
Police estimate roughly one in two are unable to afford the procedure that is key for seeking justice Reporting rape is traumatic for
Jose Filomeno dos Santos was accused of embezzling $1.5bn from national sovereign wealth fund he oversaw for five years. Angola’s
Late last year, the southern African nation of Namibia was rocked by the “Fishrot” scandal, in which officials stood accused
Before the pandemic, when tourists flocked to Cape Town, they often ignored Khayelitsha township.Crammed with more than half a million people
Ternan Avenue, a long stretch of road named after British Col. Trevor Ternan lies beside the presidential state house in