Turkey is set to carry out more tests of its controversial Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defence system. Last year, Turkey bought
Concern over escalating tensions between the United States and China has taken centre stage at the United Nations General Assembly
Bitter eight-year battle not only inflicted human and economic devastation, but has impacted Middle East to this day. A jaw,
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan commented on the armed conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the deadliest since 2016.
Neither side has admitted to casualties, but report says soldier of Tibetan origin was killed during clash on Saturday. A
The Portuguese soldiers, of the 7th Detached National Force, mainly composed of paratroopers, on mission in the Central African Republic
The Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) said Monday it had shot down a Turkish helicopter in Iraqi Kurdistan in retaliation for
Hiroshima mayor urges nations to reject self-centred nationalism on 75th anniversary of attack that killed over 140,000. Bells have tolled
The Manbij Military Council (MMC) on Monday said six civilians were killed when Turkish-backed forces bombed villages in the countryside
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Thursday stressed the importance of a swift trial for the accused members of