Under the pretext of providing financial assistance, scammers wheedle out plastic card data and pin codes, and then withdraw money from the cards.

Remember! Bank employees will never, under any circumstances, ask you to provide your card’s pin code. Do not share your pin code with anyone! No one else should know your pin code – neither Bank employees, nor even law enforcement officers. If you were asked for a pin code, you probably encountered scammers. In this case, you should immediately contact the official customer support chats of Kapitalbank JSCB or the Contact Center of JSCB Kapitalbank.

There is only one official customer support chat in telegram – @Kapitalbank_support

There are no other spellings of the chat username!

The support chat is also available in Apelsin mobile app.

The official telephone number of the Contact Center: (+998) 71-200-15-15, (+998) 71-200-45-45

One way of fraud is to speculate on the painful topic of quarantine and the resulting financial difficulties. This is doubly inhumane and criminal in the current situation.

Always stay on the lookout, don’t give way to speculation and don’t let anyone deceive you!

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