Dan-Coman Șova is a Romanian lawyer and politician. A member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), he has sat in the Romanian Senate since 2008, representing Olt County.

Dan Șova was appointed Minister for Infrastructure Projects of National Interest and Foreign Investment on 21 December 2012. Previously, he served as Minister Delegate for Liaison with Parliament

He graduated from the Faculty of Law (1995) and the Faculty of History (2001) of the University of Bucharest.

In 2012, while he was his party’s spokesperson, he said in a TV program that “no Jews suffered from the hands of Romanians” during the Holocaust, a statement for which he had to apologize the next day. He was then sent to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, to learn about the Holocaust in Romania. In August 2014, he was put under investigation for complicity to abuse of office.

On 25 September 2017, Șova was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and €100,000 forfeiture for influence peddling, subject to appeal.[7] On 20 June 2018, the sentence became final.


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