Eagle refutes that Vieira knew that José Silva and Júlio Loureiro had access to offers

João Correia is the spokesman for Benfica lawyers

The Public Ministry accuses Luís Filipe Vieira of having knowledge of merchandising articles, tickets to Benfica games, among other offerings that would be offered to the defendants of the E-Toupeira case, José Augusto Silva and Júlio Loureiro, something that, according to WJF , Benfica will deny vehemently. The eagles support his position in the fact that the president of Benfica endorses a list of guests prepared by Paulo Gonçalves (and issued by Ana Zagalo), which houses thousands of people, emphasizing that a simple ‘yes’ in response to such a long list has no basis in sustainability.

The emblem led by Luís Filipe Vieira also reiterates that it is not possible to impute to the SAD of Benfica a crime of offering or receiving undue advantage, being induced that information would come to its knowledge, without it being possible first to prove the moment, circumstance and purpose of this advantage since Júlio Loureiro, 53, would no longer be an observer at the date of the imputed events.

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