Accusation reveals request of SAD legal advisor incarnated to José Silva, through Óscar Cruz

Paulo Gonçalves asked José Silva – through the entrepreneur Óscar Cruz, to “protect himself and not display many photographs and shirts of the SLB (…) if they can not distrust.” The information appears in the indictment of the E-Toupeira case, to which WJF had access, and occurred on March 4 of this year, the day after a Benfica-Marítimo na Luz.

The judicial officer attended, along with Júlio Loureiro – another judicial officer and also accused – and Óscar Cruz, at the start in question, with invitations offered by the legal counsel of the incarnated SAD. After that game, Paulo Gonçalves “allowed José Silva to access the reserved zone of the Luz Stadium, next to the parking places of the soccer players, so that he could contact directly the players.”

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