Clothes with a total value of more than 250 euros

Photo: DR Record

The indictment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the E-Toupeira case, to which WJF had access, reveals in detail the articles of apparel of the Benfica brand that José Silva, a judicial official, received from Paulo Gonçalves. A total of four pieces of clothing, which together had a value of 258 euros.

A cotton sweater (€ 59.99), a red sweater with sponsorship registration Radler (€ 76.46), a sweater no. 7 from Samaris, autographed by the Greek medium (€ 89.95) and a white sweater from game with No. 1 of Svilar (32.51 €) were the deliveries. To do so, the indictment says that Paulo Gonçalves “got authorization from President Luís Filipe Vieira.”

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