In today’s edition of Jornal de Notícias came new information on the process ” Mala Ciao ” involving Benfica and several clubs in the first league.

Win the FC Porto

According to the Jornal de Notícias, if the Desportivo das Aves won in the second round of last season’s championship, on April 8th, Benfica would pay each player of the Sport of Birds 10’000 euros.

Although Porto won, the Judicial Police managed to gather indications that led to the operation “Mala Ciao” in June this year.

According to the JN the suspicion of these offers arose through an anonymous complaint. Contrary to the several anonymous denunciations made by the leaders of Benfica against FC Porto last season, this had strong enough indications for the Judiciary Police to make searches for the visas, for having managed to gather several information that pointed to these offers.

Another situation mentioned by Jornal de Notícias is that Benfica borrowed several footballers in a hidden way from the Desportivo das Aves, for Benfica to maintain a buyback clause in the contracts to circumvent the limitation of loans of players to the same club. I had already done an article about the strangeness of the Sporting Santa Cruz team in the game against Benfica.

These cases are nothing new for anyone, Alfa Semedo was also offered by Benfica to Moreirense and was repurchased at the end of this season by the club incarnate.

The Benfica press release

Benfica made a statement of the kind that we have already habituated in the official website of the club.

Points 4 and 5 are certainly the most humorous of this statement. Benfica is being investigated because you asked? It is true that when the investigations were reported on Benfica, regarding the games of recent times, Benfica asked that all games, from all clubs, be investigated. Although Benfica thinks it is above the state, justice does not work according to the will of the club incarnate. And, interestingly, so far, the games that have led to searches in various clubs are all related to Benfica.

On point 5, the joke is done alone. Recall that there is evidence of news planted in the newspaper Abola, Record, Jornal de Negócios, Público, I, etc., and an e-mail from Carlos Janela with the discussion on a proposal to pay several journalists.

Benfica continues to try to intoxicate public opinion. Day 18 there are new emails in the Benfica Market, now on the mailbox of Rui Costa and, it is already known at least that Rui Costa  gives a word to the referees .

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