Theft of funds for the poor (Thailand)

  A 2017 governmental initiative to distribute funds to poor people, low-income earners, and HIV/AIDS patients in Thailand’s 76 provinces was looted by officials in 49 provinces. As of March 2018, 104 million baht allocated to help the poor in those provinces had been misappropriated, amounting to 85 percent of the amount distributed. An investigator Read more about Theft of funds for the poor (Thailand)[…]

Rolls Royce and Thai Airways (Thailand)

In January 2017 a four-year investigation by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) came to light. It determined that aircraft engine-maker Rolls-Royce had paid bribes to “…agents of the Thai state and employees of Thai Airways…” in order to secure orders for the Rolls-Royce T800 engine for its Boeing 777-200s. Rolls-Royce admitted to the charge Read more about Rolls Royce and Thai Airways (Thailand)[…]

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