Spanish PM silent on corruption after ruling party veteran steps down

Corruption is rearing its ugly head again within the core of Spain’s ruling Popular Party (PP). Leaders are being yelled at on the streets once more, and amazement and confusion are among the chief responses to the latest scandal to hit the conservative party in Madrid: Operation Lezo. This new graft probe has already led Read more about Spanish PM silent on corruption after ruling party veteran steps down[…]

Bankia Scandal (Spain)

Bankia is a Spanish bank consisting of several failed financial institutions with largely conservative political direction. On 11 June 2012 the relatively young political party Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) filed a lawsuit against the directors of Bankia and its main subsidiary for alleged fraud, misappropriation, falsification of financial statements in connection with corporate crime, Read more about Bankia Scandal (Spain)[…]

Millet or Palau de la Música Catalana (Spain)

In 2009 the director of the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, Fèlix Millet Tusell was accused of systematically raiding the coffers of this public body and confessed to embezzling 3.3 million euros. In 2012 he was placed on bail and the prosecutor sought six years imprisonment as well as massive fines. On 15 Read more about Millet or Palau de la Música Catalana (Spain)[…]

Bárcenas affair (Spain)

The Bárcenas Affair is a corruption scandal in Spain that affects the People’s Party (PP), one of the country´s main political parties. Following revelations that Luis Bárcenas, who served as party treasurer and senator, held 48 million euros in Swiss bank accounts, extracts of handwritten accounts, the so-called “Bárcenas papers” (los papeles de Bárcenas) were Read more about Bárcenas affair (Spain)[…]

Gürtel case (Spain)

Gürtel is a huge case, code-named after one of its main suspects, construction businessman Francisco Correa. His surname translates to belt in English and to Gürtel in German. The case covers bribery, money laundering and tax evasion, and implicates a wide circle of powerful businessmen and top politicians (90 per cent of the whole party) Read more about Gürtel case (Spain)[…]

Rumasa and Nueva Rumasa Scandal (Spain)

Rumasa (Ruiz Mateos SA) was founded in 1961 by the family of José María Ruiz Mateos. It originally exported wine to England. In 1983 it had become very large (allegedly because it was linked to Opus Dei) and so debt-ridden that it was nationalized by the socialist PSOE government of Felipe González “in the public Read more about Rumasa and Nueva Rumasa Scandal (Spain)[…]

Former Catalan chief to go to court over alleged money laundering

A judge has summoned former Catalan regional premier Jordi Pujol for questioning as a suspect in alleged money laundering and tax fraud relating to a personal fortune his family hid in Andorra. Judge Jose de la Mata ordered Pujol, who governed the wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia from 1980 to 2003, and his wife Mercedes Ferrusola Read more about Former Catalan chief to go to court over alleged money laundering[…]

50 sentenced in Marbella property scandal (Spain)

A Spanish court Friday handed down jail sentences and large fines to some 50 city officials and business executives over a vast system of property-related corruption in the glitzy southern beach resort of Marbella. The scandal, which broke in March 2006, two years before the catastrophic collapse of the Spanish property bubble, led to the unprecedented Read more about 50 sentenced in Marbella property scandal (Spain)[…]

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