Guttenberg Plagiarism Scandal

Guttenberg plagiarism scandal refers to the German political scandal that led to the resignation of Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as Minister of Defence of Germany over the plagiarism of his doctoral dissertation. The first accusations of plagiarism in Guttenberg’s dissertation were made public in February 2011. Guttenberg’s doctoral dissertation, “Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag” (“Constitution and Constitutional Treaty”), Read more about Guttenberg Plagiarism Scandal[…]

Guido Westerwelle’s WikiLeaks controversy (2011)

In late November 2010, leaked U.S. diplomatic cables revealed that American diplomats considered Westerwelle an obstacle to deeper transatlantic relations and were sceptical of his abilities, with one cable comparing him unfavorably to former German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher. On 3 December 2010, Westerwelle dismissed his personal assistant Helmut Metzner following a WikiLeaks diplomatic cables release Read more about Guido Westerwelle’s WikiLeaks controversy (2011)[…]

Causa Wulff (Germany)

Causa Wulff  refers to several political scandals that ultimately led to the resignation of Christian Wulff as President of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the beginning, there were questions concerning the purchase of a house for which Wulff had accepted a loan from an entrepreneur family with whom he was friends. In this context, Read more about Causa Wulff (Germany)[…]

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