Dumitru Dragomir – Football Scandal

Dumitru Dragomir was the president of the Romanian “Professional Football League” from 1996 to 2014. Before that, he was president of Chimia Râmnicu Vâlcea, Olt Scorniceşti, FCM Braşov and Victoria Bucureşti. He sat in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies from 2000 to 2008, representing Vâlcea County and winning election twice, in 2000 and in 2004. He Read more about Dumitru Dragomir – Football Scandal[…]

Cătălin Voicu Scandal

Cătălin Voicu is a Romanian politician, member of the Social Democratic Party, and member of Parliament of Romania in 2004–2008 and 2008–2012 legislature. Voicu was adviser of the President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, from 2000 until 2004. On 10 December 2009, Voicu was invited for questioning by the National Anticorruption Directorate. He was later arrested and Read more about Cătălin Voicu Scandal[…]

Elena Udrea

In January 2015, she was questioned by prosecutors from the National Anticorruption Directorate on charges of money laundering and false statements on declarations of assets, as part of a wider investigation into the Microsoft licensing corruption scandal. As a result, she stepped aside as PMP president, with Eugen Tomac taking over the party on an Read more about Elena Udrea[…]

Dan Șova Scandal

Dan-Coman Șova is a Romanian lawyer and politician. A member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), he has sat in the Romanian Senate since 2008, representing Olt County. Dan Șova was appointed Minister for Infrastructure Projects of National Interest and Foreign Investment on 21 December 2012. Previously, he served as Minister Delegate for Liaison with Read more about Dan Șova Scandal[…]

Fillon Affair

The Fillon affair (also the Penelope Fillon affair or Penelopegate) is a political-financial scandal involving allegations that family members of French politician François Fillon were given paid jobs that involved no or very little actual work. The case arose during the campaign for the 2017 French presidential election which Fillon, the candidate of the Republicans Read more about Fillon Affair[…]

Benalla affair

The Benalla affair is a political and judicial case involving Alexandre Benalla, who served as a security officer and deputy chief of staff to French President Emmanuel Macron. On 18 July 2018, the newspaper Le Monde identified him in footage as the person who beat up a young protester during the 2018 May Day demonstrations Read more about Benalla affair[…]

Guttenberg Plagiarism Scandal

Guttenberg plagiarism scandal refers to the German political scandal that led to the resignation of Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as Minister of Defence of Germany over the plagiarism of his doctoral dissertation. The first accusations of plagiarism in Guttenberg’s dissertation were made public in February 2011. Guttenberg’s doctoral dissertation, “Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag” (“Constitution and Constitutional Treaty”), Read more about Guttenberg Plagiarism Scandal[…]

Guido Westerwelle’s WikiLeaks controversy (2011)

In late November 2010, leaked U.S. diplomatic cables revealed that American diplomats considered Westerwelle an obstacle to deeper transatlantic relations and were sceptical of his abilities, with one cable comparing him unfavorably to former German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher. On 3 December 2010, Westerwelle dismissed his personal assistant Helmut Metzner following a WikiLeaks diplomatic cables release Read more about Guido Westerwelle’s WikiLeaks controversy (2011)[…]

Causa Wulff (Germany)

Causa Wulff  refers to several political scandals that ultimately led to the resignation of Christian Wulff as President of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the beginning, there were questions concerning the purchase of a house for which Wulff had accepted a loan from an entrepreneur family with whom he was friends. In this context, Read more about Causa Wulff (Germany)[…]

2015 FIFA corruption case (Switzerland)

In 2015, U.S. federal prosecutors disclosed cases of corruption by officials and associates connected with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer. Near the end of May 2015, fourteen people were indicted in connection with an investigation by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Read more about 2015 FIFA corruption case (Switzerland)[…]

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